16 October 2008


I am hesitant to write this entry because I don't really know how to tie all these photos together. Since John and I are too cheap we try to catch our web-ride on our neighbor's wireless network and a week ago I was able to steal access through "Jaces_Wild_Ride"! Toot! Toot! And boy did I get wild, I checked my email and I downloaded photos to blogger so that I could use them later.

The first photo is of John and me at his parent's home playing with his wedding gift (a camera).

This is our bathroom. I hesitated to post this picture as you can see it didn't come straight out Architectural Digest. But I like our bathroom. It's tiny, yes - but we have a cast iron bathtub and a triangle window that opens up to a view of our neighbor's master bedroom.

This is a poorly lit picture of our 'dining room' but John and I refer to it as our sinking boat because the foundation that is falling faster than the rate of gravity into the earth, creates a disorienting feeling as if being on the sea.

This is a view of our 'bar' and our living room. It's kind of fuzzy - must have been that rockin' sea.

This is another view of the same thing you saw above - the sea had calmed. In the corner you can see my wedding gift, an Artencia garland light which I love. Eventually (many many years from now) I'd like to buy their chandelier. And you can see John's bust of Venus (hee).

This is yet another fuzzy photo of our neighborhood. But isn't it pretty?

This is where you play find the monk. That's right, they're at the Starbucks.

And this is where a photo used to be of memorial grove next to our home .. . .but I accidentally erased it. Pooh.
This lovely bowl was bought in Mexico on our honeymoon by John. He bargained with a ten year old who had a shop with his father in bucerias (the poor part of Nueva Vallarta). It was a victory for John. The bowl is probably like many others that were scattered across the beachfronts, but we really like it.
And that is the end to this random picture tirade. Sorry there wasn't anything more substantive. Maybe later.


Julianne said...

Nice post, Tanya! These are some great shots of your house :)

Michemily said...

Awesome! I was so happy to see all these pictures. And your comments are so Tanya, it was just what I needed. I'm glad to see you have a dining room now. And that you stalk monks.