07 April 2009

Promoting health in the community

We went to New York last week with my parents. Wahoo! I was so very happy that I was able to show my parents around NYC. Even if John and I both got sick. The weather was great all weekend besides a light misty rain on Sunday. My parents said they want to go back. Which is great since we are moving there!

But in other news, as John would say, I have been promoting health in our local community. On Tuesday, the day after we arrived home I decided to take a jog downtown over to the Cindy Lee cafe to pick up some pho for dinner. Right around Main Street and 200 South I spotted a ragged man on the sidewalk limping forward slowly in front of me. So I of course made my way around him. But as I was just about to pass the man he caught sight of me and decided to run next to me. Not into me or anything severely crazy like that. Just right along next to me. I decided he only seemed slightly mad as he let out a big belly "Ha! Ha!" As I was slightly worried about the stability of the man that hadn't showered for weeks and the course of his next actions I decidedly sped up my pace - as did he. I began to wonder how to react. I didn't want to stop my jog and ask the man to stop running along side me. And maybe I'm a bad person for thinking this, but I didn't want him to become my jogging buddy either. So I sped my pace again, nearing an outright sprint. The man hobbled as best he could next to me with his change and other nick-
knacks clanking around in his pockets as he ran but then slowed his pace quickly and exclaimed out "Okay! You win, you win!" As the man bent over to breathe, I crossed the road and kept my pace all the way into the front doors of Cindy Lee's Cafe. With my bright red face, I sat and waited for my take out while a couple was being seated across from my sweaty self. The girl looked familiar, but all I got was short glances from both of them. But I was not ashamed of my ragged appearance. I sat there proudly panting, sipping from my fresh limeade.


Michemily said...

Nice job outrunning the old dude. Hee. And I'm very glad your parents liked New York! Did you see any shows?

Tanwon said...

Sadly no. We were going to go on Monday - but it turns out that's black out day or something else that sounds similar to that. That's okay, just more to do when they come out to visit!