15 April 2009


I'm not senseless (in most areas I'd like to think), but some things just make my mind go fuzzy - especially late at night. And I'm all for creative baby names, but something like "Ivy Valoie Yost" confuse me. My mind recognizes a language but then does a double take as it can't associate it with anything. I'm forced to go back to basics, like "Oh, Ivy as a name, not the plant" and "Valerie. No, wait. Valoie?" and "Yost. Okay. . that's the last name and the others were the middle and first name". I'm convinced that first impressions are a combination of the visual and the what we are able to pull from our past (conscious or not). So, is this an attempt by parents to give their child a fresh start - pressing everyone through a process of evaluating a person for who they are rather than allowing assumptions based on other people they know with the same name? Irrational and rude, but a lot easier.

Sigh* I'm irritable and not wanting to study, please excuse my complaining. It's much easier to complain about this rather than about how I hate learning about geometric averages. Bah! Why does the text book take so many mind-boring pages to discuss such simple things. More isn't always better. I don't have the will to go on!! I've digressed and am closing this post for the possibility of further humiliation.


Melissapher said...

I don't know if you've read the twilight series. . .

What about Renesmee??! Isn't that the most beautiful name? No, I'm kidding, seriously. That's one of the worst. But only second to my friend's niece's name: Holly Schmit.

Tanwon said...

Holly Schmit. That's hilarious!