05 May 2009

10 little things

Michelle introduced me to the blog called taza-and-husband, it's about a Mormon couple that lived in New York. They have since moved to DC, bought a light pink convertible pink bug, and taken lots of Polaroid photos. Her blog has a large following, and it seems that everything she posts is just so 'cute'. Lately, she's been doing a series based on her reader's lists of little things that make them happy. When I read the first one I realized that many of the things that made me happy weren't small. Like home, my parents, and my grandmas make me very happy, but they are definitely no small thing. The more I thought about it the more my list kept growing, but of big things that make me happy. Yet, after reading through more of the lists I could not help but relate. I kept thinking "oh! I totally forgot about that!" and "There are small things that I like". So to celebrate the fact that I'm not all about the big things and can celebrate the small I post my list here, even if these small things seem to happen rarely - so I guess they are kind of big in that sense.
But no matter, I thought I'd share my list, and hopefully you can all remember as I did, the little things that I forgot I loved (even if one is partially stolen from another list, I swear I'm not a bad person):

1. pretty ribbon

2. warm summer nights (the stolen one, isn't it lovely though?)

3. exploring new places

4. pop standards, jazz, and cajun music - especially on Saturday mornings

5. dancing outdoors

6. wrapping up in a warm blanket after being cold and wet

7. all day read-a-thons on my couch

8. waking to the scent of lilacs wafting through my old bedroom window and seeing the cherry blossoms outside.

9. wide open spaces

10. waking up at dawn to the sound of a brook, warm inside a sleeping bag but with a cold nose. (I want to go camping!)