11 September 2009


I've become obsessed with blogs lately - obviously not my own, but others. And I just found this wonderful blog entitled RIFLE. I love her designs, you can see them here. She also has DIY wedding projects for any of those brides-to-be. It makes me wish John and I could have a second, more relaxed, thoughtful, kitschy kind of wedding. I think I can still utilize some of her projects for a littel get together though! Anyone up for a get together in Staten Isand?

I found out about her blog when reading her lovely tribute to what secrets makes their marriage happy at A CUP OF JO. Enjoy!

On a trashier note, and a word of caution: make sure to be honest about your finances with your mate, because you certainly don't want this to happen:


Michemily said...

Holy cow, that stinks. How did you even find that video?

I love that RIFLE blog. If I ever get married, you can go to town. :)