14 December 2009

Christmas Traditions

Isn't it beautiful? John and I used to live by temple square and would pass through this place daily. There are so many things that I miss about Utah . . . knowing where to get good food, the snow, the clean streets, and most of all - family! John and I are truly disheartened that we will not be making it back home for the Christmas season. I was beyond ready to get myself some home-cooking and some fresca/egg-nog mix. Yet, I'm determined to not let it keep us down, and see this time as an opportunity to create new traditions. Although we still may be in mourning - seeing as how we haven't started talking about what we will do for Christmas, I've decided to start throwing some ideas around as to what traditions would be nice to start this year. Just recently I was reading about different Christmas traditions around Europe in Saveur (amazing magazine by the way) as well as the many different ways to cure ham! In France it is tradition to have a midnight meal called Le Reveillon (awakening) with a first course of fresh oysters on the half shell! Yum. In Switzerland it is tradition to bake a bounty of pastries! I'm still putting some ideas together - but input is definitely appreciated!


Michemily said...

Maybe it's a bit early to start with acting out a nativity, but it would be funny with two. You should at least read Luke 2 together. How lovely.