01 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Although away from Utah and our families John and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas building our own traditions. We spent the day in the city and ate some yummy Chinese food. Then came home to attend the Midnight Eucherist across the street at a beautiful cathedral. Although we are LDS we enjoyed spending the evening singing songs that reminded us of Christ and sharing in our love of the season with the people in our community. Afterwards we came home for a La Reveillon - a feast that still keeps on giving to this day - I cooked way too much food. We opened gifts and went to bed at a lovely 4:30 am. Merry Christmas all! Even if it's a week late.


Michemily said...

Your hair looks so fabulous! (Tanya.) (I don't even remember now what John's hair looks like on this post, but I'm sure it's nice too.)