15 January 2010

Today . .. which really consists of yesterday and early this morning . . .

New York Experience #2: January 15, 2010
Good things about today:
- got an interview to teach dance for a non-profit!
- secured a place for a dance audition next week! I've already accomplished one of three of my 2010 goals!
- cleaned the kitchen.
Bad things about today:
- man in a track suit attempted to rob our apartment. Good thing the cops
caught him . . . good thing I cleaned the kitchen (for the cops that is).
P.S. We're still happy to be in New York.
P.P.S. My husband is my knight in karate-panted armor.


Michemily said...

Were you home when the robber in the track suit came? Did he come in through the window and go for the sony? You should have shot him and hung him up on your wall to show how proud you were of your accomplishment against evil! :)