25 February 2011

Fingers Crossed

Well, I've been window shopping via j.crew.com again. I had an interview yesterday and I kept telling myself that I would have to purchase a new suit if I got the job . . . so I should continue to browse the online sale. I came upon some really pretty things, few of which would be suited to the work place. I thought I'd day dream and post them here.

$140 with free shipping.
Aren't these elegant?
I don't think I'd ever be able to justify this.
It seems extravagant (i.e. unpractical) in so many ways.
Foremost, my Mother always taught me to
stay away from suede as they are difficult to keep clean.
And in a place like NYC I could see them ruining within a few blocks.

$280 with free shipping.
Yeah, I think I would expect free shipping if I were to fork out that much for a dress.
But with that said, I think this would make the perfect opera dress.
I would wear it with a shrug for modesty,
although it does ruin the line of the design.

$140 with free shipping.
This seems like the most practical purchase of those listed,
and maybe the most elegant and unique.
It reminds me of WWI and Indiana Jones,
which might have something to do with the color.
I tend to gravitate toward neutrals since
bright shades seem to go in and out of fashion so quickly.
On the other end of the neutral spectrum I envision rich colors
like emeralds, ruby, and this caramel color
(I don't think that fits it accurately, but I can't think of anything else).

So yes, I had an interview. I think it's the third in the past few weeks. I feel blessed to have had so many interviews at decent offices in this economy. The past year it took me a month to find a job so I'm feeling a little pressure to find something within the next couple of weeks. Then again, I took the first job offered to me.

This time around I've wanted to take time to find something worth investing my time in. Which is great news since this job is different and I can see myself dedicating my time there. I had an interview with an agency that hires for law firms and matched me to this position. I went in for an interview and was given a second interview and was asked for references. The agent seemed to think that meant good things. I however am not entirely sure it went all that well. I unfortunately fumbled over a lot of my answers. I think it may have something to do with the length of the interview. I'm accustomed to quick twenty minute or half hour interviews. The two interviews combined took a little over an hour.

On the positive side it seems from their description of the job that I am qualified. Both individuals that interviewed me talked at length about the growth opportunities and having responsibilities that ranged outside of the position. Two individuals that they are replacing are moving on to law school. The typical time spent at the firm is two to three years. It's a large firm based in Texas, but a small group in Manhattan that focuses on pharmaceutical and mass tort law. I'm rambling. I just hope I get the job so I can ramble much more! If not, hopefully something similar is out there. Such a sad thought. Send your good vibes my way! Fingers crossed!