14 March 2011

day 8

day 8: hobby of yours


This is pretty obvious. It's a little more than a hobby though. Dance has played different roles in my life from my passion and dream, to a recreational activity, to a job, and at times a curse. The moment I think that I can let go and put it behind me and label it as a part of 'that period of my life' . . . the desire creeps back into my life.

In fact, I just started a dance school here on Staten Island. I avoided it at first because we may only be here for the next year or two until John decides where it is best to do his research. But with the encouragement and interest of friends, my job situation, and missing the reward of teaching I decided to start something small. I currently have three classes enrolled with students - a pre-ballet, creative dance, and beginning hip hop class. I've enjoyed putting together the lesson plans and am looking forward to working hard with my new students!
And once my ankle is fully healed I'll start occasional lessons and auditions. I can't wait, even if I'm a little apprehensive as it's been a few months since I've taken a class. Yikes.

Another hobby I've taken to in the absence of dancing is running. I'm horrible at it but it feels great to run five miles (a lot for this beginning runner) and feel as if you could go for ten more.

And another hobby I've taken to since marrying is reading recipes. I've collected enough recipes to never, ever, need to buy another cookbook. I know it sounds odd . . . and it is actually. But it's partially due to my laziness that I don't carry through on actually cooking/baking the recipe and partially due to the fact that a lot of the ingredients aren't in my cupboard. I like to compare recipes for the same dish. I want to some day be an amazing cook. So I figured if I memorize the standard or foundational ingredients to my favorite dishes I can take it from there and add my own style. I also like reading about flavors and cooking techniques. If you need a recipe for a certain dish - I've got it. I probably also have at least five different variations on it. I got ya covered.