10 March 2011

One Month Challenge

Tut (my sis-in-law) and I are doing a one month challenge. Although I've never made it a month on any diet, or even a week for that matter, we've decided to challenge one another. Here are the rules we set up:

1: No sweets or candy. Only naturally found sugars like fruit.
2: Only whole grains.
3: Cardio and stretching 5 times a week.
4: Weights/strength training 3 times a week.
5 : Lots of fruit, veggies, and water.
6: Majority of each meal veggies.
7: Multivitamin each day.
8: All natural sourced juices and only one 8 oz. or less glass each day.
9: Protein eaten only after we have worked out and in portions less than 4 oz.

My cheat: blue corn tortilla chips with salsa.
Tut's cheat: one soda a week.
Overall cheat: eggs anytime we want.

What have we missed that's detrimental to our overall health and weight loss goals? We still haven't decided on a punishment if one of us has any weak moments. Ideas?

P.S. Sparky is snoring.


Michemily said...

Wait. Tortilla chips and salsa are something bad? Since when? And why did Tut not think it was weird that you said that? Ha ha. Blue corn and vegetables blended up=perfect nutrient providers.

And I would have it be based on rewards instead of punishments. But since food is usually a good reward for me, I'm not sure what incentive you'll have to use . . . getting to watch a movie?