19 November 2008

Happy Birthday Julianne!

John said he thought it would be fine if I posted this video of your Birthday dinner - so if you happen to feel otherwise please refer to John with concerns, heehee (in all honesty though, I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable). If it counts, I personally think you look great. I may even refer some guy friends to the site (*wink *wink). But anyways. . . what I really meant by all of this mummble is Happy Birthday Julianne!

Julianne's very taste-a-licious Birthday Cake!


Michemily said...

That cake looks yum, yum, yummy. Jesus's white head with flowers protruding out of it looks kind of weird in the background. Maybe he wants some cake. :D

Julianne said...

Thanks so much--you guys really made it a great birthday :)!