03 December 2008

Bon Appetit

For Thanksgiving at the Allens, John and I made a few dishes from a magazine I bought when trying to validate my parking. It was a life changing day to say the least. I had no idea that such delicious and fine food recipes could be made so easily. Our favorite of the recipes tried, the potato and mushroom gratin, was basically about the layering. Luckily it was even easier because the "compulsive cooker" had already soaked and peeled the potatoes. Mother also happened to make the cranberry sauce assigned to my cousin Kim and Darwin to bring. This dish may have never come to fruition if I hadn't called her on a whim! And where would I be - stuck thinking that fine cooking was only meant for the precocious. To entertain and educate you on the symptoms of compulsive cooking I offer you the following dialouge:

Me: Hi Ma! How are you?

Mother: I'm still cooking for Thanksgiving dinner (*fake sigh of exasperation)

Me: Oh, can I pick up those potatoes that you bought so I can begin this recipe I found?

Mother: The potatoes?

Me: Yeah, the ones you found a good deal on.

Mother: You really don't need to do it Tanya. Why don't you just let me make them?

Me: Mom! You do not need to do all the cooking yourself, let me help you!

Mother: Well, I've already peeled and soaked the potatoes. There's really no point in doing it. Why don't you bring ice instead? Oh, by the way can you tell Kim that I don't need her to bring the cranberry sauce?

Me: Ice?

What a compulsive cooker! Since I was little my Mother has always made meals with at least two dishes in addition to a salad, vegetable dish, main course, and dessert - and apologizes when she only serves salad, a vegetable, and a main course! She says she needs more space in addition to the two refrigerators and large deep freeze used to service herself and my Dad (and John and me on occasion). After visiting for a Sunday dinner she sends us home with enough food to last three days! My Mother could feed all of China! I love her very much and realize now how spoiled I've been. Which may be why I used to struggle making Kraft macaroni and cheese (it also may have to do with my tendency towards experimenting). I recall Jr. High when I would sell my Mother's sanwiches for $5 to juvenile boys thirsting for something other than pizza hut. As of right now - with our take-home supplies obsolete coupled with finals and deadlines, John and I have been finding our lifeblood at Burger King, Taco Bell, Little Caesar's, and Subway to healthy it up a bit. I just consider myself lucky - last night I was thirsting for a smoothie and what do you know! Taco Bell was marketing a "Fruista". Truly a smoothie to be beaten - but surely packed full of sugar. Hmmmm, sweet sugar. So, to end this truly confusing and tangental post I say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas - oh, and try that potato recipe, it's really good!


Julianne said...

Wow, guys--I am impressed! Potato mushroom gratin sounds scrumptious. I think I will have to give this recipie a try :)

P.S. I love your new title photo!