05 June 2009

A better update

I forgot to mention the best parts of this past week:

1. John took such great care of me while I was drugged up. He bought loads of soft food, ice packs, and a movie to keep me comfotable, happy, and distracted.

2. Mom and Dad came to visit bearing gifts of yummy joy - milkshakes, asaragus soup, and the ultimate chicken noodle soup that my Mom makes. 

3. My employers were really understanding and gave me great suggestions for my infected tooth since pain medication wasn't helping (pouring ice cold water directly on the infected tooth). And allowed me to take work off on short notice.

4. I have a lot to be greatful for.


Michemily said...

I love the music on your blog. And I love hearing an update. I'm sorry about your teeth adventures, and I'd like to hear about what the unsanitary thing was. :) If I had known, I would have sent someone over with more gifts! :)

Tanwon said...

Michelle! I need to write you. I miss you so much! You need to write me again so I can be distracted from my pain!