05 June 2009


1. Had horrible pain for a week and a half due to impacted wisdom teeth and an infected tooth (a long and embarassing story where I poked a nerve under the tooth with something unsanitary). 

2. Had the wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

3. Fainted, fell into some massive cold sweats, and almost vomited from the remaining anesthesia.

4. Ridiculed myself internally for thinking I'd be well enough to try a dance class that evening.

5. The Geo is sitting in the parking lot since the auto mechanic decided to go ahead with expensive repairs without our consent, repairs I'm doubting were even necessary. Since we had planned to sell the car in a few months we told him his options. He tried to buy the car off of us for $50 bucks! Can you believe the nerve. It is a Geo, but it still gets dang good gas mileage and plus there aren't any horrible repairs needed. His story continued to change over the course of our dealings, things like: "the car is really only worth $700" . . . "the car is only worth $600" . . . "the car is only worth $500" . . . "we did more repairs than what we told you and so we have to remove some wires and need more time". Odd thing is, he took out the new gasket and put the old one back in and it works fine! There's a little smoke when the car starts, but it works some much better than when we took it in. I looked at KSL and Geo's with transmission problems, engine issues, et cetera were selling for $500 at least! Ugh. And to think my Dad has been going to him for twelve years.

6. So you think you can dance is on! Whoopee! Sadly I had to miss last night due to the nausea.