08 August 2009

Give me your brave, your tired, your weak . . . .

New York City . . . here we come! Well I guess it should be more like, Staten Island here we come! That's right, Tompkinsville will be our next locale amoung many to come in the future. Before we were able to secure this place through very kind LDS members our apartment search went a little something like the following:

Tanya searching craigslist in a frenzy for at least an hour every day since the news of John's acceptance to NYU (more than four months ago) and emailing John all the links she can possibly include on her fifteen minute breaks at work;

John, for the past month, calling relentlessly to at least a thousand leads (courtesy of my craigslist obsession) but eventually leading to nowhere;

John and Tanya in a panic - including hot/cold sweats and sleepless nights;

apartments being applied for, over the course of a day, and being snatched away within a few hours.

But all the worry of that long week of panic has paid off thanks to John's immaculate contacting skills and the LDS ward members in Staten Island, as mentioned before, but never-the-less amazing and noteworthy and FANTASTIC. We haven't actually signed any kind of lease so it may sound like I'm getting ahead of myself, but the members we are in contact with own the house and basement apartent in which we will hopefully inhabit, and as far as we can tell have given us priority and haven't even bothered to advertise for the open space. I'll hold off on the apartment description until it's officially on paper and leave with you with a little of the Staten Island charm:

Weather forecast for August 7, 2009

Temperature 81.9 °F
Humidity 30%
Dewpoint 47 °F
Wind West at5.2 mph
Pressure 30.24 in(Steady)
Conditions Clear
Visibility 7.0 miles

Oh, and if you can't tell . . . I'm really excited about the prospect of living on Staten Island!


Michemily said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I stepped onto Staten Island once. Then I got back on the boat and went back. Will you be taking the ferry every day? I assume your ward will be on Staten Island. I hope rent isn't too expensive. How are jobs looking? There was something else, but I've forgotten it now . . .

Tanwon said...

That's the most I've seen of it too - besides what I can gather from Google maps. Our Bishop will actually be just around the corner - and we are living in a basement apartment of a member!