11 August 2009

Isn't it, like, so cute?

I've generally tried to avoid the type of blogging that becomes more of wish list (even though I enjoy those blogs). But opinions are needed in this realm - even if I'll only get one opinion. John and I are looking for a sleeper sofa for when we have guests in New York. I've been frugal in my search for a decent and comfortable looking choice, but Ikea and Overstock don't seem to do it for me. The proportions on the Ikea sleeper sofa are so odd - and I can't stand the tacky bases. I found this one at Costco.com. It's slightly more expensive than Ikea's verson - but much better all around and the price includes shipping and handling! Please share your opinion before I start to get too attached!


Michemily said...

Looks cool, as long as I can sleep on it some day! ;)

Tanwon said...

I know that you'll be sleeping on it someday, that's pretty much the only reason I posted it :).