11 August 2009


Time moves incredibly fast, relatively speaking.
And as we prepare to move I can't help but recognize all the things that I love about Utah. I had wanted to blog daily, up until the move, regarding what I was going to miss. But, obviously, blogging isn't much of priority for me or John. But I realized I should try at least to name a few things.

I've taught dance for six years now, off and on depending on whether I'm dancing full-time. But it's definitely been one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had. Danc-ing has always been a passion of mine, sadly even an obsession some days. But the reward of teaching, although not instant every class session, is most definitely rewarding over time. I care deeply about whether or not my dancers improve, whether or not they develop as artists, and whether or not they find enjoyment in dance. For the first time this year I taught a pre-ballet course and a teen ballet course. I learned a lot about teaching and was lucky enough to see them improve. I'm just happy that I've found another outlet for my love of dance. The Utah dance scene has given and taught me so much. I thought that I would eventually grow out of my love for dance, but it only has been expanded by teaching. I will most definitely miss my fellow dancers.

I also fully plan on missing Pleasant Valley, the dessert, and the beautiful landscape of Utah. I haven't exactly pinpointed where my emerging obsession with the beauty of the dessert landscape started, but it may have something to do with moving away from it. With salt flats, dense forests, red dirt, large mountain formations, hot springs, stalactite caves, and flat top ranges all within a four hour drive - Utah provides much to see.

Yesterday, John and I visited an old neighbor of mine. She and her husband used to work as professional gardeners at Red Butte for years. We sat out on her patio and listened to nothing except for the breeze shift through the tall trees - no other sounds. That's what I'll miss. It was like the scene out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and they are jumping from bamboo tree to bamboo tree. It felt as if my mind did a dive off the 20' board and left me feeling happily dizzy. There's a reason why peace and quiet go together.

That's what I have for now. But I'm sure there will be more to come about Utah and it's greatness.


Michemily said...

I really like that last simile. And I really like you. And I hope that the move goes smoothly.