18 June 2010

Birthday Week

John's Birthday was on June 11th and all activities were done and said in celebration of his birth. It may have been taken advantage of from time to time . . . by me, but in the end we had fun. John is leaving this Sunday for Paris until August, so that was only extra incentive to go out every night and fit a summer worth of activities into one week.

Saturday included a surprise birthday part with friends from the ward.
Fondu . . . yum.

The Staten Island missionaries and friends from the ward. I was a great influence and asked them to lie to John so that he could be surprised.

Can you guess the color theme? Luckily America and France have the same favorite colors.

First time frosting design done in under two minutes, thank you very much.

Classic John. Worth every minute of preparation.

For John's actual Birthday we fulfilled an old promise that we made to one another and flew on over to Birdland (I did not intend that pun). I loved the mint lemonade and the fruit and cheese platter . . . the jazz was pretty decent (even if it was more of an angry jazz).

Gordon Ramsey fan? Hell's Kitchen fans? We are, so we tried our first Gordon Ramsey restaurant called the Maze. It has taken the top of the most expensive dinners list for us yet, but in comparison to his other restaurants . . . quite a deal.

Other special events this week included a night in Chinatown (i.e. frog legs, boba, and pho) and Shake Shack then textile window shopping. It was a good week - but I'd take it all back if I could go to Paris with John :(. And I believe that, my dear friends, will end my re-entry post (to the blogosphere). Albeit a pity sentence. Adieu ma hub.


Michemily said...

:( I wish you were also going to France with Paris. I think you should suddenly come down with something that can only be cured by European chocolate. (I'm assuming here that French chocolate is as good as German chocolate, though I've never heard anything about it, good or bad.)