28 November 2010

Barefoot in the Park

John introduced me to Barefoot in the Park over the weekend. I was reluctant to watch it as I was in a grumpy mood due to my illness and a sprained ankle. As childish as it is, I continued this act throughout the movie. I held each laugh in while John thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I'm sure this scene sounds familiar to many couples. But I must ask that you stop in your haste, because there are layers. Oh are there layers. Well, only a few really. On top was my reluctance to watch the film. Go a little deeper and one would realize that my reluctance was only increased because I liked the film.

Go a little deeper and one would see that both John and I related to the film and couldn't help but think of our first year of marriage - which only made my reluctance deeper. He knew it when he decided to show the movie to me, and I knew he knew it but didn't want to admit it. If you're short on time watch the film from about 6:00 when the argument begins. Although I wouldn't consider myself as crazy as her, unfortunately my logic can occasionally fall into her harebrained category. If you wish to in part relive my slight humiliation please watch. Enjoy.


Michemily said...

I'm putting it on my list. I want to see the whole thing. Hope your ankle gets better fast! My word verification is "buger." Ha ha.