01 December 2010

Christmas List

Christmas is coming! And my days are filled with Christmas related things - decorating, party after party, and purchasing gifts. Besides the music and the general spirit of Christmas, I love purchasing gifts for people I know well! I am a savvy gift-giver, if I do say so myself.

I have a litmus test by which all gifts must pass. That is, my gift must always be relevant to the recipients taste yet still surprising. And because we is poh, I ask myself "does this person prefer quantity over quality". Huh, now that I think about it I realize that this piece of wisdom isn't anything new. Well, let's just say I'm really good at it.

I want to share how good I am at it and the logic behind each gift I'm going to give this season. But I can't. Because, duh, people read this blog. Two to be exact. Michelle and my husband - sometimes. So who am I speaking to right now? Oh well, I do what I want. So, instead of putting what I've bought for others in this post I'm putting what I'd like to buy for myself. Selfish, no? Please take note that this isn't a wish list for others to know what to buy me. But if you so choose to use it for that purpose - I have no way of stopping you.

What is your wish list?

This would probably be the most impractical and immorally wrong item on my list. Not because it is sinfully beautiful, classy, sexy, and velvet - but because it's insanely expensive by my standards. Your clue: Kate Spade. Sigh. I could probably feed an entire village of West African children for a year.

I've heard a lot of hype about this book. I haven't even read his novel The Corrections. But the author was interviewed on NPR and the book was listed on a top ten list on the BBC. I guess that's good enough for me. Did you know that only smart people listen to NPR? Is that on a t-shirt somewhere, because I need to buy one.

Why oh why did I ever wander over the Origins counter? I found out that it's normal for people to pay $30+ for body lotion. At least I will tell myself this to justify purchasing it. It would totally be worth it.

I went to my Doctor in Union Square the other day and had fun wandering around the Christmas Market at the park. I had a feta pretzel, bought my sister-in-law her belated B-day gift, and found a vendor that sells organic/free-trade hoody hats like the one above. Except it was a lot cuter.

A subscription to TIME magazine. I'm done asking myself if it would be worth it (If you haven't gathered . . . I'm super cheap). I may also get a subscription to Saveur. Te-he.

Well, it sounds like it is time to go. Sparky is throwing his food dish around in the kitchen. Oh, and now he just brought to the living room. Toodles!


Michemily said...

Tanya! Why haven't we emailed for a long time? I am so glad to see this post. I hope you don't go out and buy any of the stuff on it because now I have some good ideas . . . well, I guess you can get those Kate Spades if you want. Ha ha ha.

Michemily said...

P.S. And it's true you're a great gift giver. And I'm not. Which is why I'm so glad for this list.