06 November 2010

George Washington

I came across this awesome blog post today about George Washington. It seems to be more like a kid's illustrated version. Although I knew a few of the facts already, it was worth discovering the new quotes I had never read before. One extra diddy that I found out from watching Ron Chernow on the Charlie Rose program was that, although George and Martha Washington entertained constantly at Mount Vernon, it was mostly out of civility and kindness. Due to George Washington's newfound fame, he and Martha Washington sat at dinner with any that sought a meeting with the former president. Resulting in a year-and-a-half of constant (seven days a week kind of stuff) feeding and giving of their space to those who needed a place to sleep. Poor George I thought. Then I thought poor Martha! I don't know if I'd have the stamina or patience to entertain so many people on a constant basis. But what if we everyone was that willing to give of their resources. I'm sure we'd all be happier for it.