12 November 2010

He and She

Today I thought about how there is someone there to finish the vanilla puddings in the bulk case of puddings that I buy at Costco. I only eat the chocolate.

Then I thought about how that someone and I live our lives together.

We don't fight or yell (thank goodness). We talk. That can still be frustrating though.

I take Sparky out in the morning. He takes him out at night.

When we watch t.v. I'm always trying to do something else so I don't feel as if I'm wasting time.

He only watches movies half way through.

He throws his socks on the floor. I throw mine in the laundry basket.

Today, I did something different. I left the computer and projects aside and watched our Friday night line-up without distractions. Just him, me, and Sparky.


Michemily said...

Maybe I should write a post titled "She and Only She."

Tanya Gough said...

I heard a joke the other day about how this generation only talks about themselves. I immediately thought about my blog. Haah. I don't know if I should feel guilty or not.