14 November 2010

In Celebration

Prayer of Madilynn
In celebration of Madilynn's first prayer - said during her diaper change.

As I lay this poopie down,
Bless me Lord for not to frown.
Though it does untimely come,
My diaper doth enclose me bum.

Wrap it up with tender care,
That my Mommy find it there.
Safe and warm and sure to stink,
Tainting not my rosy cheeks.

Bless my Mommy for to dare,
Remove my blessed underwear.
Wipe my bottom with a towel,
Break not her face into a scowl.

Stinky poopie swift and sure,
Leave my body clean and pure.
Pass into the cotton straights,
Staining not my pearled gates.

Mommy dearest, Mommy fine,
This gift is yours, this gift of mine.


Michemily said...

Nice use of heroic couplets. Hilarious.