04 November 2010

A Perfect Pace

Some it turns out I actually like running. I recently figured out that I used to hate running because I was running too fast for my body. Then I looked to see if there was anything to back up what I was discovering about myself. I just read this article and it talks about how each person has a perfect running pace. I'm sure many runners know this - but I didn't. I also like to warm up with two miles on the elliptical beforehand too. And after the first three miles I feel like I can turn up the pace. Unfortunately it seems that my current perfect pace is slower than average at 9:45 per mile. It didn't say if you could improve this. I hope so.


Michemily said...

I'm glad you discovered that. But how do you know how fast? I miss my iPod. And my running shoes. I want to go running!!!!!

Tanya Gough said...

I use a treadmill. I thought about how difficult it would be to keep a certain pace with just a watch or a pedometer. Go running! Or are your running shoes and iPod really missing? Because that would be sad.