05 January 2011

10 years ago:
1. I attended Olympus High School - I forgot how to make friends and decided to deem myself anti-social. And boy, did I follow that to a T. I even felt a strange disgust at any school induced function and only attended half of one assembly and one school dance (I gave in out of curiosity for Senior Prom - big mistake) my entire three years there.
2. I was intimidated at how beautiful and rich everyone seemed to be at Olympus. Never had I really thought about such things until then.
3. Worked at DeLaMare's Bakery with Joanna. They made amazing sandwiches and bread. There isn't much that I would not give to have their recipes.
4. My parents were pretty adamant that I focus on school, violin, or piano. I was crazy rebellious and took out all my teenage angst and anger by paying for ballet lessons twice a week. Yeah, I was bad. What shame! What shame, as brought upon the Allen household, they cried!
5. I made it clear to my non-existent hoards of boy-followers at lunch one day that I refused to date while in High School. I think I got some silence and maybe a dry cough in response.

Five things on my To-Do List today:
1. Find proof my Social Security number in my old bedroom so that I can have my Utah drivers license reissued before I go back to New York. Long story.
2. Laundry
3. Sleep - I need to get better before I go back!
4. Maybe forget about my goal to get better and convince my Mom to head on over with me to the Performing Arts Company for their going out of business sale. Imagine all the cool material and costumes they have stored there!
5. Do my visiting teaching via phone.

Five things that I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Pay off any debt my family and friends have.
2. Buy a place in Brooklyn, Utah, and France - and then remodel.
3. Get insurance.
4. Start a local campaign against human trafficking.
5. Invest.
. . . those were kind of boring.

5 Places I have lived:
1. Salt Lake City: Millcreek.
2. Salt Lake City: City Creek.
3. New York City: Staten Island.
4. Future: maybe Versaille?
5. Future: who knows where?!

5 Jobs I've had:
1. Administrative Assistant
2. Dancer
3. Teacher
4. Medical Biller
5. Office Manager
. . . those were kind of boring too. Wouldn't I be so much more cool if I could add oil well digger-type person, ice trucker, sailor, humanitarian, inventor, or spy to the list? I'm pretty sure I'd have a few tats, frost bite, a man haircut, and some wicked awesome stories.