12 February 2011

Friday Night Fun

Last night John and I enjoyed the company of friends at a Valentine's Day party. There was good food, good friends, we had a Doritos casserole for the second time in one week after never even hearing of it, embarrassed ourselves dancing with the wii, and then played a white elephant game. As there was a $1 limit per gift we were forced to get creative. I made a game entitled "toilet twister - don't let love go down the drain" including directional dice and toilet seat shaped twister mats, and John used his talent to wrap the following around a roll of toilet paper:
Luckily our strategy worked well as we came home with one of the best gifts:
Patty's chocolate covered strawberries and a $25 certificate to this place down the street that we've been wanting to try:

I can't wait!

For our second gift we somehow ended up with this:

Of course we were the only couple there without kids.
It was all in good fun though.

After the party John and I wanted to keep the night going so we decided to check out the seedy club down the street called the full cup that showcases "underground" bands.
The front room was quirky with a bathtub coffee table and an overbearingly loud one man band.
In the back room we heard the band called "Pigeons".
I felt like I had stepped in The Triplets of Belville. There were three people in the band. A ghostly thin androgynous singer-girl with big specs and two guys on percussion and synthesizer that looked like this but with beards:
Unfortunately they seemed to have a lot of technical difficulties so we only stayed for a few songs and then left. It's too bad we didn't hear this song:

Pigeons "The Paradise" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.

Hope you had a good weekend too!


Michemily said...

My lack of social life is sometimes really sad. Oh well. At least I have time to try to take naps, right?

Tanya Gough said...

Sometimes being the operative word :D. You have a Wii - that's a part in and of itself! We might get one . . . do you think we could play against eachother via wifi?