08 February 2011

Vivaldi vs. Brad

Reason #2 we need a new place: competing interests.

John is having a solo "baroque party, . . . duh, can't you tell Tanya"?

And I'm trying to watch and the eight girls who Brad "has a really strong emotional attachment to", duh John.

I think there should be an obvious winner here. And the other should gracefully step down.
Let me place before you the details.

1. A bachelor with a rose and slight emotional issues.

2. A snooty man in tight pants who is no longer among the living.
I rest my case.


Michemily said...

Snooty man . . . oh wait, I mean guy with slight emotional issues! Actually, I'm not really much of a fan of either, but I think the baroque thing would be more my thing because it doesn't involve TV. (But don't tell John I said that.)