07 February 2011

Does it have more than four steps?

Yesterday John and I attended a Super Bowl party. And anyone who knows us well knows that we know nothing about football. Luckily our friends were willing teachers and had cooked up some tasty game fare. When I asked what we could bring they asked for dessert. I figured that was easy enough. So I did all kinds of research on what to make. Unfortunately I forgot that I have a horrible memory, because I would have otherwise realized that much of my Sunday afternoons are spent slumbering away and the last thing that I like to do is interrupt a good nap with the dread of responsibility that is baking or cooking. In all honesty, I'm horrible at cooking meals consistently. If I were beyond believable rich I would have the following things:

1. A personal master chef.
I love good food and I love reading recipes (I even like reading menus),
but I hate cooking or baking when it is a necessity.
Blah, I feel horrible admitting that, but it's true. So true.

2. A personal masseuse.
Much of my time is spent plotting ways in which to beg John to give me a massage.
And now that I no longer dance I have very little to work with.
Whining to John that I've been laying down too long isn't the most convincing narrative.

3. A larger living space, with lots of windows, surrounded by lots of trees.
Our tiny ground floor/basement apartment can be the source of a lot of stress.
We love our place, I love the kitchen appliances and the bathroom tiling, and the neighborhood has nice historical homes. We were so grateful to find a decent place on our first try when we moved here.
But we need more room. And it needs to be smartly organized.
I grew up waking to the sun and sleeping in the moonlight.
Of course not every day because my room was East facing - but you get my point.

But back to my original point. It is difficult for me to gain the motivation to cook everyday - especially on Sunday. But thankfully my friend Viola gifted me the wonderful Cake Mix Bible! After waking at 5:15pm and realizing we had to be at the party by 6pm I ditched all my ideas of grandeur. But there was no need to be hasty because drawn-out and lengthy are not prerequisites for an amazing dessert. Not. at. all. my. friends. I made a wonderful banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting within a half an hour. Our friends even asked for seconds. Victory!

I fully intend to adapt the recipe to recreate a chocolate chip zucchini cake that my Mother-in-law makes. I can't wait!


Michemily said...

Amen, sister, amen!