14 March 2011

day 1

When you were a kid did you hate chain mail that everyone was sending around? Yeah, I thought so. Well, I didn't. I loved them. I bought into them with all the gullible-ness that I had stored within my dweeby teenage body. But it's also the reason why I still love silly things like online personality quizzes. And it's also the reason why I decided to go along and do this 30 day blog post thing. So here goes.

day 1: recent picture of yourself and 5 interesting facts about your day.

I don't have any recent photos by myself. This was taken at the Macy's day parade waiting in the cold eating my MacDos. Luckily I was sitting over a subway vent. Which would disgust me any other day, but I was so cold I didn't care.

Five interesting things about today? Hmm, this may be difficult.

1. John and I attempted a day long BOM read-a-thon.

2. John and I made a makeshift reading fort filled with lots of comforters.

3. Barnabus the bird got his head stuck in his water dish. Also, while I was singing in the kitchen Barnabus chirped back in response. I don't have a great singing voice so it made me happy.

4. John and I tag teamed with each other to play catch and chase with Sparky. And we decided that when we die we'll pay for driving Sparky insane and be given payback in the form of being chased back and forth by big dogs. Sparky really loves it though.

5. John and I will probably continue our tradition of binge t.v. watching tonight. Our netflix subscription has given us free reign. We're currently watching Reaper. It reminds us of Buffy.

I guess that was kind of interesting. To me at least.


Michemily said...

I like hearing these random things. And the one about Barnabus getting his head stuck made me laugh.