30 April 2011



Sparky decided to sound his wake-up whine-alarm an hour earlier than usual, at 5:00 am. Saturday is a special day for everyone.

My throat was exceptionally hoarse and painful.

I cancelled three of my classes for today. It took me an hour of deliberation to recognize that it was the responsible thing to do. Even though I'd much rather have taught.

Discovered that the pink pad (all the rest are black) on Spartacus's front right paw is an additional pad - making him some kind of weird mutant freak. But we already knew that.

John installed our new air conditioner today. Although we've lost some light I'm still glad to know that I won't die in my sleep of heat stroke.

John offered to do the grocery shopping today and I panicked. I really hate going to Costco when it's crowded (which it always is). It takes a half an hour to drive there, people steal your parking spot, and within the first stretch past the electronics isle at least three people cut you off and one person shoves you. There's utter mayhem at the produce and cheese isles. And forget about the sampling stations - there will be a line of middle-aged, middle-class citizens waiting for a bite of tortellini as if it were their last hope for survival. And yet, I still panicked when I thought about not going. John will buy what we need, but I worry, just like the people at the sampling station - that it will be my last opportunity to shop for food before the Apocalypse.

But I'm sick, so I stayed home. And I'm inside, on a beautiful sunny day.

However, I did take Sparky on his mid-day walk in my purple hiking shoes, light blue sweats, pink hoodie, and new sunglasses. My neighbor told me I looked like the unabomber ("UNiversity and Airline BOMber" . . . apparently). I didn't really care.

The lilacs are out and smell wonderful. So are the magnolias and tulips. I'm so happy that Spring is here.


Michemily said...

I like hearing this snippets of your life. I hope you're feeling better.