05 May 2011

Threats of a Kind

Stupidity can take many different shapes and forms.

And in all honesty, I hate the word "stupid".

So instead I'll call it "against better judgement".

The nature of my crime relates to working against better judgment.

Friday I became ill and had symptons of a sore throat and dizziness. These symptons continued through Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I began running a high fever and having cold sweats.

I assumed that I must be near the end of the virus as four days had already passed. So I decided I should restart my more physically demanding activities.

Sooooo. I woke up at 6am, went to work, and decided to run from work on 70th and York Avenue along the East river to East 8th St. at NYU - in 56 degree weather, in the rain. During which time I stopped at a Duane Reade to pick up a pack of tissues - which were gone by the time six miles was up.

John and I then headed home and I began to clean - until midnight.

I kept telling myself this wasn't anything difficult or out of the ordinary.

And now I feel like a cat has clawed it's way down my throat.

It's okay.

With this is mind the best course of action would be to head straight home, lie in bed, sleep and drink plenty of fluids.

My plans for today include the following:

Rush over to 42nd st.: pick up check and deposit.

Take Sparky on a walk.

Go shopping with friend.

Go to gym with friend: run at least 4 miles and do weights.

When I re-read the list above I actually thought of how pathetic of a list it was. I still don't get it!

Tomorrow I have plans to do a massive grocery excursion (which will take me more than two hours) and begin food preparation for Saturday dinner, a Mother's Day dinner for the in-laws, Monday breakfast for the in-laws, Monday dinner, and dinner for the Donovans (they just had a baby) - oh and preparing my lunch for the next week.

John is gone with his parents to Hill Cumorah until Sunday. No one is here to stop me! Please send me threats to lay down and rest and make resting sound like fun rather than extremly boring.