24 November 2010


Spartacus Gough you are great indeed, and super cute. Even if you require a lot of attention, and even if you walk all over our laptops erasing important information, we still love you.

You are great at communicating what you want. Like when you indicated that you needed to go out for a potty walk and we ignored you - we'll try our best to listen to you next time. And when you drag your food dish to the bedroom and throw it around to make the metal clang against the tile to let us know you are out of food - even if you aren't really interested in eating.

You have a great personality. I love how you take food pellets and treat them as toys to throw around and bark at. Oh, and how when you hear a noise you don't understand you ask with your voice by going from a B to a high C. And how if you don't trust the mystery noise you make a noise by going from a high C to a low B.

We are thankful for you and promise to take you to the dog park more often.

Here you will see a series of photos in which Sparky and I are making the same face. At least I like to imagine it that way. We are so in-tune with one another.
Even though my tongue isn't sticking we are making the same face. It's all in the eyes.

This time it's all in the mouth.

This is Sparky after his haircut.


Michemily said...

Sparky is cute alright. Hope he gets a bit of turkey for his cuteness today. :)