28 January 2011

Two things for today

1. We got our new mattress! Can I get a wha-whaat for Seely?! Aaaand I bought new pillows, down comforter, and Egyptian cotton sheets. One of my dreams fulfilled. It really is one of my dreams. And would you believe that John actually purchased doggy stairs? Now Sparky can get on the bed without our assistance. There are many levels at which I am uncomfortable with this, but I love John. And love makes everything right. Right.

2. Turns out we're too rich for New York. Which is funny because I always thought we were too poor for New York. It's a long story that will only bore. Just know that I want to buy the t-shirt that says "I'm too poor to enjoy New York" - because it has to exist.


Michemily said...

Yay for a new mattress. Boo for the other. You know what is so lame? When you have money to enjoy things, you don't have time, and when you have time, you don't have money.